Jun 6, 2013

What is your favorite Psalm?

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We love to hear what our readers love. Psalms are a great way to hear God speak. It's also a wonderful way to pray, praise, or worship when words are fleeting.
There are a number of authors of the Psalms. Almost half are written by David along with others by Asap, Korah, Solomon, Moses, Herman, Ethan and other anonymous authors. The Psalms are actually divided into 5 books:
Book 1 - Psalms 1-41
Book 2 - Psalms 43-72
Book 3 - Psalms 73-89
Book 4 - Psalms 90-106
Book 5 - Psalms 107-150

So our question is,

Enter your favorite Psalm under the "other" answer

Some information on the Psalms found here.

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